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About Us

the true cause
of illness
is the first step
towards sustainable health & well being
Upon graduation from Parker College, he spent 6 months as a team doctor for the US Olympic Karate and Judo teams.  He then returned to Dallas to start a private naturopathic and chiropractic practice where he researched and developed revolutionary methods to help people create optimal wellness in all areas of their lives.  Rather than focusing solely on symptoms, Dr. Berman works with his patients to understand and pinpoint with exacting precision the actual root of the patient's problem.  By understanding the true cause of illness, balance can be restored to the body using natural and non-invasive methods.

In 2009, Dr. Berman founded the InnerRx Institute, a naturopathic health and wellness center in Dallas where he teaches cutting edge techniques developed during his 14 years in private medical practice. His vision is to teach people how to get back in touch with their own source of truth and knowledge so they can achieve the health, happiness, success and satisfaction in life they truly desire.

Dr. Berman is a popular and well known author and speaker and has appeared on local television and radio shows.
Dr. Gary Berman is a highly skilled medical intuitive and practicing DC who uses an integrative holistic approach to health and wellness.  He began his formal training as a physicist, with extensive advanced training in Solid State Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Electro Optics and Electrical Engineering.  After working for 8 years as a physicist and research engineer at Texas Instruments, he realized the tremendous potential of bringing his practical knowledge of both the sciences of physics and metaphysics together and applying it in the medical field.