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Over the last 25 years, scientists from the top engineering schools in Russia have successfully demonstrated the human spinal system to be the "antenna" by which this signal or information can be both transmitted and received. 

Additionally, the brain functions like a TV or radio transmitter with one very important difference.  Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, every thought and idea (both positive and negative) that we create in our brain is transmitted out into the earth’s energy field.  In the simplest terms, the concept that thoughts (energy) are things is the underlying basis of QED and the metaphysical concepts of manifestation.  If you have any doubts that the energy of our thoughts are real, all you need to do is recognize that the clothing you wear, the car you drive and the home you live in all started as a single thought in someone's mind. 

So what powers and directs your antenna system to generate these signals?  Western medicine tells us it is the brain through the conscious and subconscious minds.   The two minds are very different.  The conscious mind handles day to day existence and perceives the physical world around us.  It analyzes, evaluates, chooses, directs and judges; it decides on a course of action based upon immediate desires and needs. 
Ever wonder why you commit to a project that you know is important to your
well-being, success and happiness, yet you never complete it?  Have you ever
noticed what happens when you decide to achieve an important goal, yet you
seem to sabotage your efforts by creating one block after another or act in a manner
entirely contrary towards achieving those goals?   The answer to these dilemmas can be found
in linking the scientific fundamentals of modern physics and neurological functions understood
by western medicine.  Modern physics, referred to as quantum electrodynamics
"QED" tells us that all living and nonliving matter is in a constant state
of vibration.  The vibration of every cellular structure in your body generates
a very specific energy frequency range, and transmits this as information
much like a TV or radio station sends out signals in space. 
The subconscious mind controls all vital processes like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and other autonomic functions.  Never sleeping, it constantly records and stores all your experiences, creating and perceiving your world according to these experiences.   It is thousands of times more powerful in directing your behavior because it is subtle and is rarely recognized by the conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is also responsible for creating your "self talk", and is responsible for shaping your emotions.  It evaluates and judges what your conscious mind believes, often rendering beliefs that are contrary to those of the conscious mind.

The existence of conflicting beliefs between the conscious and subconscious mind greatly diminishes your ability to consistently manifest your desiresbecause you are literally sending out “mixed signals”.  There is an excellent example of this that you may be familiar with.  Imagine you are ordering lunch in a restaurant.  You ask the waitress to bring you a tuna sandwich.  A second later, you call her back and ask her to bring you a turkey sandwich, or maybe you just want a bowl of chili. She glares at you in frustration wishing you would just make up your mind.  The science of manifestation and the operation of universal laws become very simple once you “make up your mind” by addressing conflicting belief systems.

Conflicting beliefs also have the effect of causing conflict on all levels of existence - from the physical to the emotional and spiritual planes. You will find yourself anxious, unsettled and/or engaging in patterns of self sabotaging behavior.  Conversely, you may achieve what you think you want, but never be fully satisfied or truly happy.   So how do you know if both minds are in agreement?  All you have to do is look around yourself - is your life going the way you want it to?  Do you have the success, satisfaction and happiness you desire?  Are you seeing repeating negative patterns such as constant financial issues, failed relationships, chronic illnesses and the like?  Do you feel trapped, depressed and powerless in your circumstances?  Chances are that your subconscious and conscious minds are at odds.  
Keys to the Vault - Unlocking Your Power
Holistic Networker Fall 2008
by Dr. Gary Berman
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The keys to opening the vault and unlocking the power of the subconscious are as follows:
  • identify the core subconscious beliefs that are directing your behavior
  • reprogram the beliefs of the subconscious mind to align and unify it with the conscious mind, and
  • understand that the quality and consistency of your thoughts are directly responsible for the effectiveness and accuracy of your ability to manifest your desires.

Although there are numerous schools of thought and methods that have been developed over the past several decades that offer techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind that have enjoyed varying degrees of effectiveness, the real challenge lies in identifying the specific subconscious beliefs that are subtly driving your behavior.  Using my psychic ability, I have found working with patients over the last 14 years that many of the subconscious beliefs/fears that block an individual’s success can be easily accessed, understood and replaced with beliefs that support and serve the individual dreams and desires.   I urge you to start today with the first key – to identify your core subconscious beliefs – look around you for hints and then start the journey inward to access your own source of knowledge to find your answers.  You have the keys to the vault – it is up to you to decide whether you are ready to unlock the power of your subconscious mind and truly live the life you desire.           

Dr. Berman is the founder of the InnerRx Institute, a life coaching, health and wellness center in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Berman specializes in teaching cutting edge, life changing methods to help people create optimal wellness in all areas of their lives using his psychic, medical and scientific training. Dr. Berman can be reached at (972) 404-8650.