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Wellness Expo, Addison TX - "Wellness and the Subconscious Mind - Saturday February 27th, 2010
The majority of people fall into one of two primary subconscious states which dictate a person's outwardly behavior, as well as their interpretation of the world around them.  A person's health, wellness and success in the world depends on their understand of this in themselves and others.  Please join Dr. Berman as he demonstrates the practicality and power of this understanding.  
"Wellness and the Digestive System" - Sunday February 28th, 2010 
The digestive system is the primary source of our physical wellness, yet is the most overlooked component of wellness in both conventional and alternative medicine.  In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Berman will explain how this system affects all parts of your physical health and how most illnesses have their roots in the dysfunction of the digestive system.  

InnerRx is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge information on health, living and the science of integrated well being.  Bridging the gap between body, mind, emotions and spirit, InnerRx has developed ground breaking advances in modern health sciences.  


Dr. Gary Berman is a highly skilled medical intuitive and practicing DC who uses an integrate holistic approach to health and wellness.  Rather than focusing solely on symptoms, Dr. Berman works with his patients to understand and pinpoint with exacting precision the actual root of the patient's problem.  By understanding the true cause of an illness, balance can be restored to the body by using natural and non-invasive methods.


where you can find the 
true underlying cause of illness and learn 
what you can do about it 
Wellness Expo, Addison TX - "Breaking the Wellness Code – Part 1 Saturday October 17th 2:30pm & Part 2 - Sunday October 18th 2:30pm

The achievement of health is often defined as the absence of disease, but what then is wellness?  To understand how to achieve wellness, we must look carefully at exactly how the conscious and subconscious mind interacts with the physical body and visa versa.  The roots of our problems, lie in the exchange of information between these two systems.  Please join Dr. Berman for this fascinating 2 -part (Saturday and Sunday) investigation and interactive demonstration of what prevents you from achieving the quality of life and wellness you desire.    

Wellness Expo, Ft. Worth TX - Saturday August 8th, 2:30pm - "Art of Power - Part 1"
In this special presentation, Dr. Berman explains the dynamics of empowerment and manifestation in his life model called the Art of Power.  He will explore the implications of unresolved subconscious fears, negative thoughts and preconceptions and how they create victim behavior and repetitive negative life patterns.  You will learn how you can change your life in 30 days by reframing your perspective in third dimensional space allowing you to make better choices and achieve better results in your life.    
Wellness Expo, Ft. Worth - Sunday August 9th; 2:30pm - "Art of Power - Part 2"
In the second part of the Art of Power presentation, Dr. Berman explains how our complete sensory system processes information and can be used effectively to carry out our purpose here on earth.  He will also explain why it is so imperative to train your brain to work with your spirit in order to access your true power.  As a psychic, he will demonstrate simple techniques to introduce you to sensing/receiving information from your spirit in order to access your own power.     

Grapevine Unity Church - Sunday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd; -
"Art of Power" Workshop 
This 2 day seminar is a powerful interactive workshop focused on teaching you how to recognize and allow yourself access to your own source of truth and knowledge.  Also featuring Reverend John Webster, formerly Associate Minister at the Unity Church of Dallas, this presentation provides an interactive environment to sharpen and enhance your sensory skills to help you sense and make better choices in your life.  

Wellness Expo, Ft. Worth TX - Saturday April 18th, 2:30pm - "Releasing Your Power"
This special presentation by Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, DC is designed to help you recognize and accept your own psychic abilities and access your source of personal power in a very specific way.  You will also learn what beliefs block you from fully realizing this ability and will be introduced to a highly effective techniques to release and remove the blocks that  hold you back from accessing your power.

Wellness Expo, Ft. Worth - Sunday April 19th; 2:30pm - "Creating Total Freedom"
Based on over 12 years of research, observation and testing, Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, DC has developed a comprehensive model based on scientific findings well understood in the field of physics and human behavioral studies. He will explain a step-by-step method that takes the mystery out of how success and failure are consistently created in our lives.   In addition, he will demonstrate a simple method to follow that will ensure you stay in the success mode and out of the model of fear, doubt and uncertainty.


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Release Your God Power
Intermediate Class
January 7, 2010 – January 28, 2010
You are here to fulfill the purpose of the Universe and achieve all the great opportunities you were born to have.  How do you know what to do?  Could you imagine what it would be like to access your own God power so consistently that every decision you make is absolutely the correct one?
Rev. John Webster and Dr. Gary Berman will present the next level of learning to access and use this power in the Intermediate Class.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Understand the scientific basis of what you have learned in the Beginner’s Class and how to apply it according to a model of ideal living that will help you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

  • Sharpening your skills at sensing the correct answer to your questions.

  • Identifying and clearing emotional/mental blocks interfering with your life.

  • Traveling to/from your planet for repairs to your physical/emotional mental bodies.

  • Work with your classmates to maintain the mindset to progress further – with more practice, practice, practice…

When:  4 Thursdays in January - 7th, 14th, 21st  & 28th
Time:   7:00pm to 8:30pm 
Where:InnerRx Institute located at 7616 LBJ Fwy, Suite 670, Dallas  TX  75251.   
Cost:    $175 in advance until November 30th ($225 at the door) for first time students; $125 for returning students 

Sign up:        Space is limited to 30 participants.  

Please call Mary at InnerRx (972) 404-8650 to reserve your place now!

Wellness Expo, Grapevine TX - "Cracking the Addiction Code" - Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Ever wonder why you or someone you know can’t stop smoking, drinking or engaging in a myriad of other addictive behaviors?  Please join Dr. Gary Berman for this fascinating presentation on addictions and > how to take the first steps to free yourself from them forever. Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC is the founder of the InnerRx Institute in Dallas, a chiropractic, wellness and education center dedicated to the teaching and practice of achieving wellness on all levels.

Wellness Expo, Grapevine TX - "Taking the "A" out of Aging" - 
Sunday, February 6th, 2011

There are many exotic theories that have been put forth to explain aging.  Please join Dr. Berman as he explains the fundamentals of aging and how the "cure" starts in your kitchen, without the use of drugs or expensive treatments.  Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC is the  founder of the InnerRx Institute in Dallas, a chiropractic, wellness and education center dedicated to the teaching and practice of achieving wellness on all levels. 
SUMMER INTUITIVE AWARENESS PROGRAM - Thursday July 28, 2011 7:30pm

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  Please join us during the summer months for a refresher course focused on increasing your personal power by learning new techniques and practicing sensing, clearing yourself and your environment to optimize your energy for success on all levels.  This is also a great networking opportunity to re-connect with old friends as well as meet other like minded people - so bring your friends and let's keep the energy going!  The class is held in the office at 7:30pm on the last Thursday of each month.  Please call Mary at (972) 404-8650 if you have any questions or would like additional information.

As a practicing doctor, I find that an overwhelming majority of the patients I see have self-limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs, actions or stories that are interfering with their healing. Since this is an “inside job”, it is very difficult for the individual to know when these beliefs are working to prevent their recovery. This becomes truly problematic for both the patient and doctor since the patient’s problem has two components – one is physical (diet/exercise…..etc.) which is directly under their control and the other is energetic (mental/emotional/spiritual) that has the subconscious characteristic of unpredictably.  I asked God explain to me how best to evaluate and treat the energetic component of a patient’s issue. The answer was presented to me in a dream. In short, our beliefs/thought are physical “things” that have energetics and frequencies associated with them, so they are far more than just chemical reactions in the brain.   I was shown that it is possible to reprogram our negative thoughts with different forms of energy.   Please join us to learn more about this highly effective method of eliminating negative programming. 

Dates: Thursday evenings   - September 8 through September 29th, 2016 
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Drive, Suite 216, Dallas TX  75230